After the epic success of our Golden Food Truck hunt – even though we kinda thought the hiding spot at the Forts at Pallarenda was going to last longer than 2 weeks – we're pumped to keep the good times rolling with the $5K Silver Food Truck, thanks to Reef Recycling! Kicking off on April 7th, this shiny silver food truck toy will be stashed somewhere in Townsville, packing a cool 5 grand prize – whether it's wedged in a bush at your favourite park, on the steps on the goat track or underneath the water fountain at your local dog park.

Your challenge if you're up for it: Hunt it down!

The Silver Food Truck jackpot shrinks by $500 every month, so the quicker you crack the case, the fatter your wallet.

With a total of $17K dished out last year, who knows, maybe we'll tack on another $5K this time around? Keep an eye out for clues at our pop-up events and special hints for those who snag some merch from our website.


 The hunt is over! The Golden Food Truck has been discovered! Huge congrats to Bevan and Laura, who cracked the clues and tracked down our elusive truck nestled at The Fort, above Shelley Beach in Pallarenda.  They're now $10K richer! Well done, Townsville – you're simply too good for us! Thanks to Reef Recycling for making this possible! 

After so much fun in 2023, the $10K Golden Food Truck is back for round two!

Starting March 1st, the toy golden food truck will again be stashed somewhere in Townsville worth 10 grand – could be a park, a beach, or even behind a workout spot's drinking fountain.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Hunt it down!

And for those who didn’t get around it last year, here's the exciting part: the Golden Food Truck jackpot drops by $1,000 every month, so the sooner you crack the location, the fatter your wallet. Last year we gave away $7K, will we beat it in 2024?

But don’t worry – we want to give away this money. There will be bonus clues at our pop-up events and super clues if you buy merch off our website.

The search is on until someone sniffs out the truck, so keep tabs on our socials for fresh updates and clues. Think you've got what it takes?

Tag your pals, spread the word, and let's hit the streets of Townsville in search of that golden goodness!

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