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Shelley's oil you need!

We welcome Shelley, to this weeks face of Cotters, another long standing

vendor of our weekly market, selling unique homemade soaps and blends of

essential oils. This has been a fascination of Shelley's for almost 30

years, servicing Cotters customers for 16. The so-called hobby has always

motivated her to learn something new.

It seems to be becoming a theme across many of our vendors, with Shelley

looking forward to the annual Tartan Day, particularly with vendors dressing

up their stalls, as well as the numerous activities, kilts and bagpipes on


Asked what her favourite time of the year is, Shelley responds

"Winter, Townsville comes alive and Cotters Market is no exception, with an

abundance of local crafts and travelling visitors". So why do you rate the

markets Shelley: "I love the atmosphere each week and I have great pleasure

in chatting with my loyal customers and helping people with skin issues, and

muscular pain relief".

Thank you, Shelley, for being a true and gifted supporter of the Cotters

Markets. We enjoy seeing that smiling face each Sunday.

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