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One Bagel That Rules Them All

Daimon, Kristin and the Wattles & Wagtails team first joined Cotters Market in 2019, and a lot has changed since they first rolled into Flinders Street. “Cotter's Market was one of our very first ever jobs, we have appeared at the markets regularly ever since. We have updated our breakfast menu for our Cotters Cult customers over the years and now have our best menu yet of Breakfast Bagels and Bacon & Egg rolls!

It’s not lost on the team that they’ve made ripples on the breakfast scene with their famous Breakfast Bagels. “Our Breakfast Bagel is the hero of our menu. It boasts a rasher of crispy bacon, fried egg, avocado, cream cheese, and fresh baby spinach on a toasted artisanal poppy seed bagel” Yum, right?

The Wagtails team has become a familiar and beloved fixture on Sunday mornings, and Damo loves his weekly pop-ups. “We try to never miss a Sunday at Cotter's Market as we love the fun, relaxed vibe and our loyal regular customers who we cannot thank enough for supporting us over the years and making Wagtails their Sunday breaky ritual!

Getting up so early on a Sunday can be tough, but it comes with it’s perks. Daimon says “We love to see everyone's cute doggos walking around! Make sure next time you come in you bring your four-legged besties. You can add bacon on the side of your order as a treat for them!

See the Wagtails team this Sunday morning for a delicious breakfast at Cotters Market from 8am.

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